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Coral Laser would be delighted to sponsor gift vouchers as prizes for beauty contests, weight-loss competitions, dance and sports contests, special day promotions, goodie bags, raffles, fund raisers and gym promotions!

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Where to find me:

Coral Laser @ Katrin Florence Studio
Whitchurch Common
CF14 1DW

Operating hours:

Sessions are booked by appointment only.  I’m happy to take early (before work) or late (after work) appointments. I work Saturdays and am happy to schedule a Sunday or public holiday appointment for your convenience!

Package deals:

I’m happy to quote on a package deal:

  • If you’d like to pay upfront for 6 sessions or more or
  • If you’d like to treat 3 or more areas at once – give me a call and let’s see what works for your budget!

 Payment options:

  • cash
  • credit/debit cards accepted
  • EFT  and payment by banking app


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