Frequent asked questions


Is treatment painful?

The system offers various laser techniques:

In-motion which is not at all painful (areas treated with this technique include: legs, bikini top & sides, back, chest & tummy, arms)

Pick and Place is a more aggressive / targeted technique and can be slightly uncomfortable (areas treated with this technique include: the labia, nipples,upper-lip, chin, toes and fingers)

Combination of In-motion and Pick and Place which is not at all painful (areas treated with this technique include: face, beard area, front neck, scalp, hairline redefining)

Do I need to prepare before my laser sessions?

Please ensure that you have not waxed or plucked (shaving is perfect!) the area you wish to laser, at least 3 weeks prior to treatment. Shave the entire treatment area the morning of your appointment.

Do not wax or pluck between laser sessions. Be sure not to expose the treated area to excessive sun 24 hours before or after the laser session.

How many sessions of laser are required?

I would recommend a minimum of 8 sessions – after 8 sessions, touch up sessions are charged by the shot and become much cheaper! 

Hair grows in different phases and the laser is most effective in the ánagen phase. Typically, 20% of hair is removed per session – but each individual is different (thank goodness! ) and some may require more sessions.

How frequently do I need to come for treatment?

Facial treatments every 3 weeks for the 8 treatments and as required thereafter (facial hair tends to grow more aggressively).

Other treatments every 4 weeks for the first 6 sessions and every 6 weeks for session 7 and 8.

Will the laser cause damage to my skin?

No – the pigment in the hair shaft attracts the light and sends it down to the hair root and effectively destroys it. The skin is not affected, however, redness (edema)  of the skin may occur. This is treated immediately will an aloe gel to soothe the skin. The redness disappears after a few minutes.

Will the hair ever grow back?

Some regrowth may appear after a few years, due to hormonal changes in the body. The regrowth will be minimal and easily removed for good in one session.

At what age is it wise to start lasering?

Laser treatments can start at the age of 15.

Are there any contra-indications associated with laser hair removal?

Photosensitive Medications
please check before you book your appointment that you are not currently on any photosensitive medications. This includes most commonly, Roacutan. 

Keloid scarring
its not wise to laser an area that suffers from keloids

Botox & Fillers
laser hair removal should be done on the respective area before any Botox or fillers are undertaken.

laser causes lightening of tattoo area

Grey Hair
laser session take much longer. Patience is required!

What skin type is the machine best suited for?

Alma Beauty Remove loves all skin types!

Can I do more than one area at a time?


Why is laser so expensive?

Is it? Lets look at two possible solutions for underarm hair removal:



 (cost of session without discount)

x 6 sessions

= £360



x 12 months x 20 years


(assuming you shaved for the other 16 years…)